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New collection released! 

Hey ya'll.  I'm so excited to release a new collection!  Here's the blurb I put on the (store page) about it:

I'm proud and just a little nervous to share this collection with you.  Each song was recorded at one of my various homes over the last few years, from Guatemala to Kansas City to Colorado and back again.   These are the raw versions of many songs that may be familiar to some of you, and some that are new to everyone.  I also wrote alternate musical versions of a couple songs from our latest record, “Perseids.”  

The recordings are uncut, unproduced, and messy.  In one you can hear the clothes drier in the background.  In another I just couldn’t help but cough right in the middle.  Something about that vulnerability ends up sounding really good to me.
Where my first two records give you the sound of a big community that worked for months in a studio to create a polished final product, these versions bring you right into the unedited moment of creating alone.  I tend to do my best writin
g well after bedtime, and almost without exception these songs came (and were recorded) at those times.  If you listen closely enough you might be able to hear the warmth of me in my pajamas in a winter bedroom, digging through thoughts and feelings in the creation of my own personal lullabies. 

17 songs for $3.  Go (check it out)!

Also, please join us for our (release show) as David comes home for the holidays on 12/21/13 at the Brick!

Post-release show move, press, writing, shipping 

It's been a little while since the release show, but I've been so busy what with my big move to Boulder, Colorado for graduate school.  In the midst of reading about socio-ecological resilience, writing grant proposals, and rock climbing, I've managed to do some music too.

I started writing songs for those who supported the Kickstarter project highly enough.  Someone wanted a song about Georgi Markov, a mid-century Bulgarian dissident who was killed by a ricin shot from an umbrella gun.  Weird!  Somebody else wrote really eloquently about their love for their wife and daughters... that song might take a little longer to write.  I almost cried reading his prompt.  I also wrote a couple songs about a girl, or maybe the exciting idea of a girl, or maybe no girl at all.  It's nice to think about dancing under a full moon in a field though.  I'll share all of these songs with you someday.

I've also started packaging and shipping some of the rewards for Kickstarter participants.  I hope to have most of those done by this time next week.  Whoa yeah!  If you're stil waiting, thanks for being patient.

Also, you should know about a couple sweet press pieces:
Here, the Pitch interviewed me about this album release and the move etc.  It's nice: Pitch.

And here is a review of our release show that Michael Byars from KCUR wrote.  It is also really nice:  Deli KC

That's about all for now.  Look for low-fi Mp3's coming your way on this blog soon.  Also, the B-sides record, "Homesongs and Lullabies" is SO CLOSE TO DONE!

Release show coming up! 

 Big thanks to Mark Manning at KKFI for hosting me this morning.  We had a great time catching up and talking about this new album.  We cannoooooottt wait to get it out to you!  Come to the CD release show on Saturday, August 10th at the Record Bar from 7-9 pm to see the whole band performing these gems!  Full show info can be found on the sidebar on the right.  Hooray music!

Kickstarter to fund new album has launched! 

I know some of you were wondering where the heck we went.  Well....  We went into the studio!   We're almost finished with it, and we've funded most of it so far, but we need help!  Please visit the Kickstarter website and consider being a part of the group effort to make this record possible.  You will be handsomely rewarded with lots of good merch and lots of love.  

Here's the link:


my heart is a furnace, often confused but earnest.
so if you find me baffling, altogether obfuscating
if it's at all encouraging, you're not the only one.

old and new poems 

 I just found this poem in an old journal:

The silences speak back to me
In three part harmony neverending
And I do my best but get thrown off so easily
But still they go on singing
and this:

The holy seed
the terebinth
the twisted oak

grow up in me
to be the sent
to carry the word

oh God, go away from me
I am not fit
this cannot be

o man, come and baptize me
the clouds will part
your eyes will see.

i have been wanting to hit the road big time lately.  things seem to settle into a rut without some fresh air and perspective if i'm in one place too long.  trips near (St. Louis, Denver, and Madison) and far (Mexico, Guatemala/El Salvador) planned for the next few months.  i can't wait.

this is still a band blog.  right now we're recording a new record and writing new things.  sometimes this latter task requires looking back at old things and doing totally unrelated things, like going a'rambling.  love to you, if you read this far, and even if you didn't.

More winter writing, album update Podcast

 Hey ya'll.  Just writing away here in my little cabin in Spring Valley.  This is another very wintery - VERY rough - demo of a tune I wrote recently.  I hope you like it.

Also, just so you know.  This new album is for real happening.  Guitars and vocals are done for 5 out of 7 tracks.  We will be doing bass for those 5 this week.  There's gonna be all kinds of field recordings, and string interludes, and stories from grandma.  I think this will be the work of my liftetime thus far.  So excited!
  1. More winter writing, album update

Year's end and hiatus writing Podcast

Hello my beautiful people.  Did you know we had our last show for a long while?  No?  That's because you haven't joined our mailing list or liked us on Facebook!  Get on the train, cause Lord knows I am poor with consistency on this blogomatic.

Anyways, that's the news.  Devon skipped town with a zillion dollars in her pocket and a porkpie hat.  We will find a way to reform and reshape our band and sound in the Spring, but for now Leslie and I (David) are applying to graduate schools and THAT, my fine people, is a whole lot of work.  We had a wonderful fairwell of sorts at the Brick on 12/15 and it was so fun.  

But fear not!  We've started working on a new record of seven songs and we're hoping to release it sometime in the Spring.  You haven't even heard two of these gems!

Also, it is winter, and I am holed up inside working on applications and songs when I need a distraction.  So here's a little winter tune I worked up this afternoon.  It will not be on the record, but you can have it anyway.  Can you hear my dryer in the background and the heat kicking on?  Very low-fi and cozy indeed.  I think I'll call it....   Just below our feet.  How does that strike you, world?  Enjoy!
  1. Year's end and hiatus writing

Photos from Winfield! 

Hey yall.  Leslie and David had a great time down at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, KS.  If you don't know, Winfield is basically the greatest time on earth - a bluegrass and camping festival where professionals and semi-pros combine to play great music all weekend.  Also, no one sleeps.  We're exhausted!  We were surprised to be signed up to play the Fine Time stage in Pecan Grove and had a really great time jamming with Matt Cathlina and Grant Buell, who happily and very capably filled in for Seth and Devon on bass and accordion.  Here's a couple photos that have popped up from our Fine Time set.


We have a lot of shows coming up.  Check out the show info to the right and come say hi!

Who is David Burchfield and the Great Stop?

Raised on the roots of American music and given to more progressive indie, and folk in his later years, David Burchfield has cut his own path. Seemingly unable to sacrifice any part of his musical heritage, Burchfield is at one time old-time Appalachian and at the next sampling field recordings, drenching fiddles in effects, and climbing into epic anthems of love found and lost, of hope and doubt.  Now joined by a talented group playing fiddle, banjo, upright bass, keys, glockenspiel, mountain dulcimer, and auxilliary percussion - the group has become a united, powerful force in shows all over the Rockies and the Midwest.

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