Want to support David in making music? You can contribute via Venmo @dburchfield or the donate button (Paypal) above. Don't have Venmo or Paypal? Get in touch via the form below and we'll figure it out. If you meant to pledge to the kickstarter but just didn't get to it in time, here's some guidance in terms of contribution amounts:

- $10 = digital download of the new album

- $30 = signed physical copy of the new album

- $60 = t-shirt and the full physical and digital catalog

- $75 = signed physical copy of the new album, both older albums, and a book of handwritten lyrics

- $135 = all the physical stuff and one music lesson

There's also cover songs, custom original songs, house shows and more. You can find out all about it here:

If you're not sure how to support the new album or just want to establish a plan with David, just send a message to the contact form below. Thank you for your support!