House Show Host Guide

Host a house concert or listening room

Would you like to host an intimate evening of music for your community? Your home, your house of worship, or local community centers are good places to share an evening of music with friends. It's easier than you think and we can help you set it up! Curious about the details? Here's a few things to know. Most house concerts and listening rooms are:

  • Inexpensive to produce. Hosts can spend as little as $0 to put a show on (BYOB!). Artists are paid by suggested donations ($10-20 per person).
  • Attended by 15-50 people
  • Performed with minimal amplification. We won't bug your neighbors and we'll bring what we need!
  • willing to house and feed the artists for the night 

It doesn't matter where you are, if you care about supporting live music and you'd like to host a show, reach out and we'll make it happen! Email or fill out the form to get a conversation started.


David was the guest artist for our maiden voyage concert & we genuinely could not have imagined a better event! We had a pretty full house with 40 people, who thoroughly enjoyed David’s musicianship, storytelling & humor.

Simply put, we discovered an exceptional talent & all around great guy who is likely to go very far with his musical career.

We look forward to having him back!

- Pam, Idaho house show host