1. The Great Stop

From the recording Perseids

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The Great Stop

When the great stop is pulled
On a grand church organ
The people feel the spirit’s song
Just below the rumble

How could I explain things
That I have only felt
But I know if you would feel it too
You would hear the roar undeniable

When a mountain moves
From its very core
There erupts a rolling thunder
Which can’t held by any barrier

In the storm of the ocean
In the hurricane’s foam
There is a sound much deeper

When the sea floor starts to move
And sends up a great white wave
There is a warning issued forth
That only the animals heed

Though there be unquestionable danger
In things not understood
In some you find the feeling
That this indeed is something good

So when I feel that sound again
Shaking in my chest
I’ll tremble for its awful power
And glory in its goodness