1. Perseids

From the recording Perseids

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Have just begun
Begun to see
The Perseids
The Milky Way

The galaxy
Is spanning o’er
Our heads beyond

And take
My hand my dear
And hold it near
And fear not
Any man who’d take your

And wonder for
The way things grow
We’re dead and born
And why we love

[Oh I’ll protect you from the bonds
That once enslaved me
I will unsheath you like a sword
And from these ropes
Be free]

And there
Out in the fog
On the hills
The way beyond
On the horizon

We’ll find
The shroud, the veil
The hidden jewel
The treasure in
All our longing

[I will sell all that I have
I will buy that piece of land
I will dig until I find
What I have been missing]

And now
I know for sure
I’m welcome to
The banquet table

In all I bought
In all the names
And orthodox
Did I find you
Only in
The Perseids
The foggy hills
The birth and love
And the dying