1. Summer Of

From the recording Perseids

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Summer Of

O, but what am I, a speck of dust
Breathing clay, warm weather comes
And reminds me of the summer of
The lake and falling deep in love

Woven deep into this sinner’s blood
A memory I cannot overcome
A beach campfire burning bright
Sometimes I feel just like a child

[O that light shine over me
Illuminate and guide me
Where I’ve gone wrong show mercy
Bind my heart tight to thee]

I wanna look into the skies again
And feel my heart within me softening
A clear heart and head like I had then
Safely held within the mystery

I don’t know why I e’r became unsure
There was nothing in you faltering
But I’ll need some help to love again
It’s been a long time now, I’ve been toughening


I never understood the fear in love
Until I’d lived enough to do some wrong
But the weakness of the broken heart
The fertile ground to sow upon